Conducting Successful Focus Groups

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Practical and easy to use, Conducting Successful Focus Groups gives you the practical guidance to do focus groups using little more than staff or volunteer time and the cost of refreshments. In ten easy-to-follow steps, you'll learn how to plan and conduct focus groups and, most importantly, how to put the results into action: 1. Create a focused purpose statement
2. Set up a realistic timeline
3. Decide who and how many participants to invite
4. Generate questions that'll get the information you need
5. Write a focus group script
6. Choose a facilitator
7. Find a location that puts people at ease
8. Run the focus group
9. Put the results into action.

Each step is followed by a task statement that sums up what you need to do before moving on. Examples, worksheets, answers to frequently asked questions, and an annotated bibliography make the job even easier.

People feel flattered when you ask for their opinions; in fact, most love to tell you what they think. With Conducting Successful Focus Groups, you'll have the tools to use focus groups effectively and make better-informed plans.