Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations: Vol 1 Develop the Plan

Marketing & Retail
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Don't just wish for marketing results—get them! If marketing seems too commercial or too complex, or if your current efforts aren't delivering results, this book is for you. With this helpful guide, you can create a simple, usable marketing plan designed to get results! Since its first edition in 1990, the Marketing Workbook has helped thousands like you use marketing to reach the people you want to help—and attract the money and support your organization deserves. Now, this updated second edition offers an easy-to-follow five-step process to create an effective marketing plan; provides an expanded resources section including Internet examples; and includes "web wisdom" to help you set reasonable web goals, build an on-line reputation, and learn about the possibilities and pitfalls of web promotion. Use it to be sure you have the right services to meet people's needs; reach the audiences you want with a message that motivates people to respond; and make a strong impact in your community and beyond. This book will guide you through each stage of the marketing process. You'll learn how to link marketing with strategic planning, set goals and evaluate your success, conduct a marketing audit using the Six Ps of Marketing, position your organization in a unique niche, and develop a marketing plan and promotional campaign. Plus, you also get 27 proven promotional techniques, dozens of tips for writing and design, a sample marketing plan, a case study of how one nonprofit implemented their plan, and much more! Get the Marketing Workbook and start putting the power of marketing to work in your organization!