Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: A Guide for Small Museums and Historic Sites

Marketing & Retail
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Here s a one-stop marketing guide just for small museums and historic sites. In an age when many local historical associations and museums take money from their marketing budget because resources are tight, which can start a vicious cycle of reduced marketing reach, lower visitation, and then even less money for marketing, this guide will help those who need it the most expand their marketing reach as inexpensively as possible. Deborah Pitel covers the pros and cons of each promotional tool so they can judge what is best for their organization. She writes specifically for colleagues who have no formal marketing training and have to work off the trial and error method. She covers: .Marketing Strategies for Museum Professionals or Anyone Promoting an Event .Expanding Your Audience with Little Money .Gaining Insight From Small Local Museums and Historic Sites .Learning to Use Social Media and Other Free Services to Grow Your Promotional Reach .Creating an Website on a Small Budget Examples of successful marketing tools from small museums and historic sites accompany each chapter."